So, did Evangeline Lilly spoil Ant-Man and the Wasp or what?


Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Evangeline Lilly made a seemingly harmless Instagram post that has some fans wondering if there’s something more to it. Did she accidentally give us a big spoiler?

The people at Marvel Studios take their spoilers very seriously. You know how the actors always joke in interviews that there’s a little sniper following them wherever they go? Not saying it’s real, but they really need to watch their backs.

That goes for Evangeline Lilly, too. Or does it? On Tuesday, the actress posted a set of videos to Instagram speaking up about net neutrality, and quite possibly gave away an Ant-Man and the Wasp spoiler; the potential spoiler wasn’t in her video but in the caption. Read for yourself and see if you can catch it.

If (for whatever reason) she happens to delete the Instagram post, here’s the whole caption:

"For those of you who are confused – we had to win the senate before we could tackle the house. We DID win the senate and that was INCREDIBLE, now let’s do it all over again. That was Goliath, now we’re facing Thanos. Don’t let them censor and throttle us. Let’s get loud. Let’s win again.#netneutrality #battleforthenet (swipe right). LINK IN BIO!"

Did you notice it? She compared the Senate to Goliath and the House to Thanos. If we’re going to use these as metaphors for tough foes to tackle, is she saying the character Goliath will actually be a villain in the Ant-Man sequel?

In the trailers, we see Ghost is clearly the one going rogue and looks to be the main villain. Meanwhile, Goliath/Dr. Bill Foster (played by Laurence Fishburne) appears friendly and cooperative. Though, we don’t get much from him out of the trailer — aside from him bragging about his Goliath days.

So, could there be something more to Fishburne’s character? Could Foster betray Scott and the gang, possibly due to a rivalry with Hank Pym? It’s also possible that this movie could pull a Spider-Man: Homecoming where Ghost is the daughter of Foster, helping him to get back at Hank.

Or, there’s the complete possibility that this isn’t even a spoiler at all. We Got This Covered mentioned Lilly could have been talking about the biblical Goliath, which could make sense. But why draw the comparison between a biblical character and a Marvel comic book villain?

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Do you think Ghost could be a red herring, leading Goliath to be the real mastermind behind things? It’d make for a good twist. We’ll just have to wait to see if it’s true.