Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: How to beat Voldemort


Gamers get the chance to take on Voldemort in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 3 in a roundabout way. Here’s the trick you need to defeat him.

Who would have thought that Year 3 would see Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players get the chance to go up against Voldemort. After all, this didn’t happen at this stage in Harry’s life and Voldemort shouldn’t even be part of the game in this time period.

Well, you will get the chance to face him, sort of. These are the details that you need to face off against the Dark Lord.

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How is Lord Voldemort around?

Considering the game is set between the Potters’ deaths and Harry going to Hogwarts, it’s surprising that Voldemort appears. He had been considered killed off during this period by many—and those who knew he wasn’t killed, he was at least strongly disarmed. Is this another timeline continuity problem in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?

It turns out that it’s not actually Lord Voldemort. It’s a boggart that has transformed into the wizard, becoming your character’s darkest fear. That means you need to ridicule it to make it go away, right?

If only it was just as simple as that. Remember that the game has a rock, paper, scissors type of game to take down enemies. You need to get the right spell for your foe’s decision.

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How do you beat Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?

Voldemort is able to drain your stamina relatively quickly, so getting the right spells right away is essential. You can counter the damage with the Defense stance and then cast healing spells. Opt for those that heal over time to help counteract future damage. When you’re low in stamina, opt for the Episkey spell for an instant medium heal, but when your stamina is a little higher, opt for the slower healing spells.

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An Aggressive stance with Incendio spell will be your best option to battle against Voldemort. You’ll deal a large amount of damage against Voldemort. However, unlike other big bosses of other years, this boggart is going to be the toughest you’ve faced and there’s an element of luck involved. You may not do it the first time.

This is the challenge to look forward to at this point in the game. Jam City is still looking at bringing Year 4 and higher to future updates to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, so make the most by practicing your skills in this one; they big bosses are only going to get harder.

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Have you already taken down Voldemort in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? How did you manage to defeat him? What do you hope to see in future updates? Share your tips in the comments below.