Harry Potter villain possibly making her way to James Bond


Helena Bonham Carter is best known as the evil, sadistic, crazy Bellatrix to Harry Potter fans, but she may make her way to the Bond universe for the next movie.

It turns out Helena Bonham Carter is a desired woman in terms of film and TV. Shortly after being confirmed as Princess Margaret in The Crown, the news is now that she’s wanted as a Bond villain. As Harry Potter fans we know that she’ll be perfect in that villainous role. After all, she brought Bellatrix Lestrange to life in every way we thought possible and more.

Bonham Carter is no stranger to doing varied roles, so doing a Bond villain and a member of the Royal Family will be easy for her. You’ll see no crossovers at all, especially if her performance as Queen Elizabeth in The King’s Speech is anything to judge for Royal Family characters.

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So far, information about the role is the upcoming Bond movie is unknown. She’s not confirmed for this role either. It looks like right now she’s just highly sought after, with Angelina Jolie also in the running.  Production hasn’t even started on the movie yet and only Daniel Craig is confirmed at this time. The IMDb doesn’t have Bonham Carter listed yet. Now that she’s been rumored, we really want to see her!

With Bonham Carter as the lead Bond villain, James Bond would certainly go up against a formidable character. We could just imagine Bellatrix but without the magic. Bond would never know what she was planning next!

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At this time, the movie is listed as Bond 25 on IMDb. There’s a set release date for Oct 25, 2019, in the UK and Nov 8, 2019, in the U.S.

Would you like to see Bonham Carter in another villainous role? Could she take on Bond as the perfect Bond villain? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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