The Game of Thrones season 8 wrap party apparently featured Jason Momoa holding Kit Harington


Jason Momoa had some wild poses with other members of the Game of Thrones cast in order to celebrate at the show’s wrap party.

Well, the production of Game of Thrones seems to be coming to an end. We knew it was coming. But we should have known that the party bringing it to a close really would have gotten a little wild. After all, this show’s amassed rather a large cast as well as some particularly big personalities.

Of course, those personalities also have a presence on social media, and we’re mostly talking about Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa. Both of them have posted images from the party.

Granted, it kind of looks like production didn’t get a full-blown Iron Throne for the shindig, but that’s probably fair. Those things are heavy.

Check out the photos below (with a warning for some NSFW language in the caption of the first post as well as a familiar NSFW gesture):

Who would not like to pose with either of these celebrities like this? Granted, we probably wouldn’t want to be tasked with picking Momoa up.

They honestly just look like they’re having so much fun, and it’s great.

Clearly, the universe decided it needed pictures of Khal Drogo sitting in Jon Snow’s lap and vice versa. Kit Harington’s expressions in both are just completely perfect. Who would not just gesture like “Gaze upon my current seat and weep, peasants?” Because that’s what we’d do if presented with this kind of opportunity.

We’d also watch a show about Daenerys and Missandei just going around with swords. They don’t even need to use the swords if they don’t want to, but we’d definitely be fine with them suddenly being good at using swords.

Hopefully, Daenerys would get a better crown, though.

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It’s hard to say goodbye to the show, but there’s still a long offseason ahead of us before those final episodes drop. Until then, stay right here on Culturess for all the latest news.