20 iconic episodes of Sex and the City you need to rewatch

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Ring A Ding Ding (Season 4, Episode 16)

Speaking of Carrie’s shoe problem, in this season 4 episode, her addiction came back to bite her in the ass.

When Carrie’s apartment building decides to go co-op, she has the opportunity to buy her apartment. The only problem is she doesn’t have the money for a down payment. Without Aidan to help her, she’s basically broke, and Miranda calculates that she has spent roughly $40,000 on shoes alone. Not helpful, Miranda!

First, Big offers to give her $30,000 for the down payment. She discusses it with the girls over dinner, and the reviews are mixed. Miranda thinks she’d be giving Big the power if she took his money, but Samantha thinks a loan is a loan, no matter who it’s from. They both offer to give her the money for her apartment, but she refuses.

Charlotte, on the other hand, refuses to even discuss money matters with friends and loudly sips her drink in protest.

In the end, Carrie rips up the check from Big and decides to do it on her own. She gets a freelancing job with Vogue, which isn’t a big help, but she’s trying. She takes her frustrations out on Charlotte, who didn’t even offer to help her out. Charlotte fights back, telling Carrie that it’s not her job to help her with her finances because she’s an independent woman.

Carrie meets with Charlotte to apologize for the whole ordeal, and then Charlotte gives her an offer she can’t refuse. Charlotte tells Carrie to use her wedding ring towards her down payment, as a loan of course. So now Carrie can work her way towards independence, and so can Charlotte.

It can be difficult to talk about money with friends, and there’s a definite possibility of it tearing apart a friendship. But with great friends, you should never be embarrassed to accept help, and that’s what Carrie did.