Star Wars has officially confirmed a Solo fan theory


With a single tweet and image, Star Wars appears to have confirmed a fan theory about a moment in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Warning: If you haven’t seen Solo: A Star Wars Story yet, this will discuss a plot point that happens relatively late in the film.

Much has been said about the nostalgia trips in Solo: A Star Wars Story. (Seriously: Much. Has. Been. Said.) But it seems as though even Lucasfilm itself wants to make sure that fans understand a slightly more subtle callback (or call forward, depending on if you’re looking at the in-universe timeline or the chronological release of the films).

During the events of the movie, L3-37 experiences a systems failure, but Lando Calrissian uploads her memory to the Millennium Falcon‘s navigational systems and computer. As a result, she and the Falcon put together a way out of the Maw surrounding Kessel.

Meanwhile, in The Empire Strikes Back, C-3P0 makes a comment about what it’s like to communicate with the Falcon‘s computer. Here’s the tweet Star Wars made, with the full line from the film:

That little “L3” within Millennium Falcon should pretty much set it as a confirmed bit of Star Wars lore. Unlike some of the more obvious references jam-packed into this film, L3’s presence as part of the Falcon helps explain why Lando still cares so strongly about the ship even long after losing it in a game of sabacc to Han Solo. In Solo, he’s devastated upon losing her. In The Empire Strikes Back, he still insists on calling it “my ship,” and he pilots it again in Return of the Jedi.

However, if Solo had dwelled a little more on this point, it would have lost some emotional impact. It feels good to see fans already connected the dots before Lucasfilm decided to confirm it via this tweet; it feels much more subtle and poignant than a good portion of Solo does.

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Now we’re left to imagine what L3 might say to C-3P0 during that moment. Would she ask him if droids had freedom yet? Or would she ask after Lando, Han, and Chewie? Perhaps both? It’s a great little question in Star Wars, now, and we hope it stays a question.