The Originals season 5 episode 6 review: What, Will, I, Have, Left


Last night’s episode of The Originals, “What, Will, I, Have Left”, reveals that all The Originals has left is Klaus. 

Spoiler alert if you missed it:  At the beginning of the season, I was already mourning the end of The Originals, now, I can’t wait for it to be over. Hayley died and she went out fighting. Most other characters were either absent, or barely recognizable as they once were. The final season of The Originals is staking all the redeeming qualities from the characters I once adored.

In New Orleans, Freya chats with Vincent about telling the human Declan the truth about Hayley’s supernaturalness and her disappearance. Vincent says no, he does not want for another human to be sucked into the deadly supernatural world. He is in anguish over his late friend Cami becoming entrenched in the mystical community and ultimately killed.

Freya could have just told Declan anyway. Freya used to be a feisty witch, part of the original family who does not play by the rules. Instead she rolls over and accepts what Vincent says. Freya no longer has influence over Vincent now that the seer Ivy is batting her glass-half-full eyes at him. In addition to losing Vincent, Freya is a victim who has lost her romance with Keelin and seemingly lost all free will.

Vincent has always held the high ground when it comes to protecting the human folk of New Orleans, yet, a few words about love and choice from Ivy, and suddenly he is prepared to tell Declan the truth. Just as Vincent is about to float his code of morality down the river, and tell Declan that Hayley is a hybrid being held captive by a murderous group of purist vampires, he discovers that Declan is Cami’s cousin. While it’s pleasing that Vincent stays in character, seeing Declan’s reaction would have been more interesting than watching Vincent tackle yet another internal dilemma.

Who is this Caroline Forbes-Salvatore? Apparently, becoming a parent and co-head of a boarding school sucks out all of one’s personality until only sanctimony is left.

Caroline has had two interactions with Klaus and both hinted at reconnecting their past romance. Yet, Caroline’s preaching to Klaus about being a responsible parent and better person is just plain irritating. Has she forgotten that she allowed a servant of the Devil to nanny to her children?

Time may have passed and she has matured, yet her vetting of new students is not too flash. At the school, she is Hope’s guardian, yet she takes no responsibility for allowing Roman to come into the boarding house and whisk Hope away. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Roman had the potential to be a villainous character. Instead, he is just naive.

Elijah finally returned to New Orleans — to save Roman, not Hayley! I can’t even talk about it. He has crushed my heart and I never want to see him again.

The CW’s inside look at the episode gave pity to the poor amnesiac Elijah. Sorry, no pity here.

I’ve been dreading Hayley’s death all season, and last night it finally arrived. When the best thing about an episode is a favorite character being killed — things are dire.

Hayley was strong and went out in a literal ball of fire. Greta was egging Roman on to stake Hope, who posed a threat as a potential supernatural Messiah. Hayley eliminated the witch (don’t get me started on how the witch managed to procure the moonstone), then Hayley took down Greta with gusto. Ripping Greta’s finger off, complete with daylight ring, and then throwing herself and Greta out into the sunlight to burn, was brilliant. Hayley proved herself to be the ultimate mother wolf and protector, not only of Hope, yet of all supernatural-kind.

Here’s next week’s promo:

Here’s what I’d love to see next week, but I won’t hold my breath…

Klaus – Go back into the house and kill Roman. Then, dagger Elijah and wall him up in Marcel’s garden for eternity. Wait — daggering and desiccation is too good for Elijah — have Marcel and Vincent uncompel him so his memories return, then stick him with Papa Tunde’s blade so he is in agony for eternity wrestling with his guilt.

Caroline – step down from your soapbox and just accept Klaus for who he is. Find your playful groove again. Ask to be the wedding planner for Freya and Keelin’s wedding.

Hope – kill Roman and trigger your werewolf curse. It’s time to become a Mikaelson. Partner up with your dad and hunt down every last Sienna vampire, starting with Antoinette.

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The Originals still has half a season left and they are yet to pull a charismatic antagonist out from their back pocket. Waiting for Mikael turn up again at the end of the season is way too late. Can someone please just go down to the cellar and wake up Aurora?