Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald script cover teases magical moments


Look carefully at the cover for the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald script and you’ll see some magical moments that will likely pop up in the movie.

Releasing promos for upcoming movies can mean a few spoilers get out. There are some who will refuse to watch the promos or look at any poster or images released because they just don’t want to know anything before the movie. Well, you’ll definitely want to avoid the cover for the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald script. There are a few magical moments teased.

With all that in mind, if you don’t want any spoilers at all, you’ll need to look away now! We’re going through the teases.

Fantastic Beasts. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. via WB Media Pass

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Well, at least we suspect that these are magical moments teased. Of course, they could just be intricate details from the world to make you think you know what’s coming. But most of the time, the graphics of a cover will usually be linked to something in the book. One thing telling us there are teases for the movie in this cover is the Eiffel Tower. We know the second movie in the five-movie prequel series is set in Paris.

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The use of the Deathly Hallows image

When you look at the bottom of the Fantastic Beasts 2 script cover, you’ll see the image of the Deathly Hallows in between two creatures facing off against each other. This could be a suggestion that the Deathly Hallows will come back up, like we’d expect. After all, Albus Dumbledore needs to beat Grindelwald at some point in the series of movies to get the Elder Wand.

We’ll likely see Grindelwald with the Elder Wand and there may even be a discussion of the Deathly Hallows between Dumbledore and Newt Scamander. Hopefully, the continuity isn’t messed up, but this symbol certainly suggests at least one of the Deathly Hallows is coming up.

As for the creatures facing against each other, this could just be a sign of the fight for the Elder Wand.

The Philosopher’s Stone

At the very top of the book, there’s a stone inside a glass case. Most Harry Potter fans will jump to the conclusion that this is meant to be the Philosopher’s Stone. That’s what we think, anyway.

How can it be around now? Well, it was spotted for the last time at some point in this time period. This could be something that appears and goes missing, maybe something that Dumbledore, Grindelwald, or even the Ministry of Magic wants to get their hands on.

The padlock with NF

Curiously, there’s a padlock near the stone, with the initials NF. The initials likely stand for Nicolas Flamel, a famous alchemist from real history. While the Harry Potter books and movies were mostly set in the wizarding world, there were plenty of additions of the real world. That continued with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and will likely come up again. Including Flamel makes sense, and he is rumored to be a part of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

This is likely more of a hint that the French alchemist is definitely going to be part of the prequel movies. There is a slight issue in that Flamel died in the 15th century, but there are ways around that. Just a mention of him and a flashback would warrant this inclusion in the front cover for the screenplay. It would likely be linked with the Philosopher’s Stone, which further backs up the idea that the stone really is that infamous one.

A water creature

In the bottom corners of the book is what looks like a water creature, at least the waves suggest that it’s a water creature. This could link to Hogwarts. While the movie is mostly set in Paris, Newt is going to Hogwarts and may take a trip to the lake. This lake is full of magical creatures, so it certainly makes sense!

Remember, Newt is a Mazoologist, so he would be interested in the creatures in the lake. He may also have an idea as to whether anything in there could help them with the Grindelwald problem

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What teases have you spotted in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay cover? What do you think we’ll see in the sequel to the prequels? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald debuts on November 16, 2018.