Real Housewives Of Dallas star Brandi Redmond will share her ‘blessing’ on RHOD season 3: An adopted baby!


Real Housewives Of Dallas star Brandi Redmond charmed us throughout the first two seasons of RHOD, and she’ll share a surprise in season 3: A new baby!

Real Housewives Of Dallas star Brandi Redmond revealed her struggles to get pregnant during season two of RHOD. As fans get ready to see Redmond and the rest of the Real Housewives Of Dallas cast for the upcoming third season, they can also prepare for a happy surprise. The RHOD star told People that she and her husband have adopted a boy.

When season three of Real Housewives Of Dallas debuts this summer, Brandi will show how her baby has changed her life. Redmond, her husband Bryan, and their daughters welcomed their baby boy Bruin Charles earlier this year.

“[Our adopted baby has] changed our lives forever. We are obsessed with him, my whole family is. We’re just so blessed,” she told the magazine.

Bruin Charles entered the world on December 31. He was a premature baby, weighing just 4 lbs., 5 oz. and measuring 18 inches. But to Brandi, Bryan, and their little girls (Brooklyn is 9, and Brinkley is 6), the tiny infant is a “perfect fit.”  Redmond also shared that the family adopted her new son through a closed adoption process.

The red-headed beauty, whose daughters charmed viewers with their own strawberry-blonde locks, discussed how she feels about adoption. And she also offered up a “crazy” insight: Brandi’s baby boy shares her strawberry blonde hair color!

“He’ll always look like he came from me, which he did — he came from my heart,” said Redmond.

Brandi also described little Bruin as “so, so happy.” The Real Housewives of Dallas star recalled that when she first met her baby, he gazed directly into her eyes, held her finger tightly, and beamed at her. And ever since that emotional first meeting of mom and son, Redmond’s baby boy “smiles all the time and just giggles and laughs.”

Inside Real Housewives Of Dallas star’s fertility struggles

Before adopting Bruin, Brandi and Bryan tried to have a baby for years. Although Redmond says she was blessed with the two children she already has, she felt her family “wasn’t complete.” But Brandi also revealed that her fertility was “on the decline.”

Consequently, last October, Redmond decided to stop trying. She will celebrate her 40th birthday in July, and she was concerned with the risk of having a child at that age. Brandi didn’t even think about adoption at that point.

However, then Redmond received a call that changed her life. She learned from a social worker about Bruin, whose biological parents were teens who chose to award the baby to the state. The social worker was seeking a family who would welcome a baby son into their lives.

RHOD to show emotional adoption journey

Brandi and her husband “immediately fell in love” when they met the infant in the hospital. The Real Housewives Of Dallas crew followed Redmond’s adoption journey with their cameras, and Brandi calls it a “beautiful story.” Viewers will experience “the rollercoaster of emotions” with the RHOD star and her family.

Redmond revealed that her “maternal instinct kicked in so naturally.” She felt an instant connection, and Brandi also shared the promise that she made to her son.

“The only time he cries is when he’s left alone,” added Brandi. “I’m sure that’s a normal baby thing, but because of how we got him, I’m especially like, ‘No, you will never be left alone.'”

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Welcome to the world, Bruin Charles, and congratulations to Brandi, Bryan, and their daughters on their bundle of joy!