Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Meet friends in the latest update


Jam City has released another update allowing players to be able to interact with friends on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Yes ok, it wasn’t the update you where exactly hoping for. Year 4 is still not available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but hey, at least you can play with friends now in a special encounter.

Only available outside of the normal quests, although you do technically start off on a side quest, but that is only in order to request a friendly game of Gobstones with your friend. Once that has begun you are no longer continuing the quest.

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Like everything else in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery this game of Gobstones involves a serious of questions and if you get enough of the questions right, you win. And what do you get for completing such a task?

That’s right, rewards. What rewards? A meal with a friend that’s what.

Your meal with a friend will then takes place in the Great Hall, because where else would you eat in Hogwarts, after you have enjoyed your meal you will then have the chance to head off to the Three Broomsticks to enjoy Butterbeer, assuming you are able to visit Hogsmeade. If you have not progressed far enough you ain’t going.

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You are able to do this friend encounter as often as you like. All you need to wait for is the cooldown timer to reach zero. This is where the friend encounters are a bit of rubbish. Meet with a friend has a cooldown timer of 10 hours while Play Gobstones and Drink Butterbeer are at 16 hours.

Apart from that, it is a great way to build up energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, wait for the elusive fourth year and more.

Have you already encountered the friend encounters in the most recent update? If so what did you think? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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