Cursed Child actor lied about eyesight to be just like Harry Potter

Benjamin Wheelwright was such a Harry Potter fan that he wanted to be just like his idol. And that meant lying about his eyesight.

Most of us would try anything not to have glasses. We’ll memorize the charts and squint to get a clear view as much as possible. Edmonton’s Benjamin Wheelwright decided to do the exact opposite. He wanted to be like his idol Harry Potter so much that he lied to get the glasses. Little did he know but almost two decades later he would play one of Harry’s sons in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Wheelwright shares how his optometrist would also later scold him for his actions. By lying about the letters on the board, he needed unnecessary glasses. They were so strong that they damaged his eyesight! It’s a shame someone at the time couldn’t tell him that he could have got a set of glasses without prescription lenses.

(Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

He now laughs about the memories, claiming he was just so much of a fan of the Boy Wizard. Little did he know, he would get to play someone in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child almost two decades later. He’s currently in the Broadway production as James Potter, the eldest child of the Potter family. He is everything Harry was and more: a skilled and natural wizard and an excellent Quidditch player, along with being the top of his class.

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Wheelwright also shares that he’ll take on other roles in the production. No spoilers, though! That would ruin the surprise and this is one production you want to see without knowing the details.

Did you do silly things to become like your idol in the past? Have you booked tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Share your thoughts in the comments below.