C.B. Strike Season 1, Episode 1 advanced preview: The Cuckoo’s Calling Part 1


C.B. Strike Season 1, Episode 1 is finally airing in the States this week. Here’s what to expect in The Cuckoo’s Calling, Part 1.

The British got access to the C.B. Strike Season 1 premiere way back in August 2017. It’s finally airing in the States, with the first episode dropping tomorrow. “The Cuckoo’s Calling” is the book used for the first three episodes of the series (technically the first season of the show). The first part will air on Friday night and here’s what you can expect from the episode.

Caution: There are minor spoilers in this advanced preview. If you’ve read the books, you’ll already know how the story goes and you’re just watching to see it all play out on screen.

Image courtesy of the BBC

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Meet the main characters

The first episode is going to set up the main characters in the story. That means Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott. We’ll also get the basic storyline and case laid out, with the introduction of a few key players throughout the season and, in some cases, throughout the series.

Look out for how Strike is able to make enemies extremely quickly. He’s not in the business to be mates with everyone. He wants to get to the bottom of the case for the sake of the client.

Do watch the suspects throughout the case. Keep an eye on the likes of John Bristow and Tansy Bestigui, who will be introduced in the first episode.

Flashes of the past

While Lula Landry may be the victim in the case, there are plenty of scenes with her. Unlike the novel, which mostly sticks to present day and discussions of memories, the series will bring those memories to life. This is one of the best ways to show and not tell and will also give you a chance to look out for more clues.

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Flashes of the past will also involve Strike’s past. We’ll see his time in Afghanistan and the events leading to the loss of his leg.

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Are you excited for C.B. Strike Season 1, Episode 1? Have you already have the chance to see it because of your location? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

C.B. Strike Season 1 premiere airs June 1 at 10/9c on CINEMAX