There’s a secret return in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that has us spooked!


There is one return in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that should have everyone shaking in their seats.

If you’ve read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child you know about a very specific heartbreaking scene. If you’ve not, stop reading this article now and either read it or try and get a ticket because you have to #keepthesecrets. This show is too good to spoil.

Okay? We’re all good? Well great because let’s talk about Voldemort. In Cursed Child, they use the Time-Turner to go back far enough that Albus and Scorpius see Harry’s parents at Godric’s Hollow. It is before Voldemort comes to kill James and Lily and they’re trying to stop Delphini from talking to Voldemort.

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So we, as the audience, see Voldemort and while it is all part of the plot, this is something that we recognize as bad and collectively gasp over. It is such an interesting moment to see because fans are watching this villain walk through the audience, we see him coming and we panic.

There is this general fear while being in the room that is almost unexplained. As he is walking past, you suddenly feel the breath leave you and you’re afraid of what he’s going to do. Granted, you know he is on his way to meet his demise but still, Voldermort standing before you is no joke.

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It is like staring into the eyes of someone you read about in history books, some monster that you can’t fathom actually seeing. That’s Voldemort standing before you.

Which is silly, we know he’s an actor in a costume but still, it is the Voldemort we were taught to fear and it is terrifying to see in person.

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If you can, see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It is amazing, it reminds us why we love Harry Potter and who doesn’t want to spend two nights with the boy who lived?