C.B. Strike promo delves into the character of Cormoran Strike


Cormoran Strike is the main character of the newest series to CINEMAX, C.B. Strike. In the most recent promo, fans get a chance to learn more about him and how he became J.K. Rowling’s latest main character.

If you ask most authors about their main characters, they will explain that the inspiration came from somewhere. Usually, there was someone at school or at work who inspired the basis of the character and the fiction and creative mind took it all from there. That wasn’t the case for Cormoran Strike, the main character in CINEMAX’s latest series C.B. Strike.

In the latest promo for C.B. Strike, the audience has a chance to delve into the main character. It’s a look at who he is, the history that has made him the detective he is now, and what to expect.

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If you haven’t read the book “The Cuckoo’s Calling” yet, there are minor character spoilers in this post.

Who is Cormoran Strike?

Not to be confused with the name Cameron (it’s a common mistake and Cormoran doesn’t like it), Cormoran Strike is a private detective living in London. He lives and works in the same place, struggling financially to the point that he is in mounds of debt and one job away from losing his business. On top of that, he’s a military veteran who lost his leg in war.

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His time in the military certainly offers him connections that other private detectives don’t necessarily get. He also has experience with evil that allows him to think closer to the way a criminal would. Strike sees clues and reactions that others wouldn’t, because it’s what he’s been trained to see.

The C.B. Strike promo includes interviews from Tom Burke (who will play Strike), director Michael Keillor, and author Rowling.

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C.B. Strike premieres June 1 at 10/9c on CINEMAX.