Ambien shades Roseanne hard for blaming them for her racist tweets


Ambien wasn’t having it today when Roseanne tried to blame the medication for tweeting racist comments. 

Ambien isn’t letting Roseanne blame them for her series of racist tweets on Tuesday. Sanofi US,  the pharmaceutical company that makes the medication, has taken to Twitter to let the world know how they feel.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday morning, Sanofi US said that their company has people of all nationalities, religions, and races working for them. They continued that their goal is to “improve the lives of people around the world.” Aww, isn’t all of that so nice?

But Sanofi did not stop there. No, they just needed a sweet setup for the sick burn they were about to deliver.

The company addressed the Roseanne situation head-on by saying that while all medications may have side effects, they know that racism is not one of theirs.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Roseanne may need some other kind of medication to heal her from that stinger.

Now, Sanofi was not the only one to call out Roseanne for blaming the medication for her tweets. also tweeted about the situation, by giving people a history of the word Ambien, saying that it is believed to stem from the word ambient.

They then defined the word ambient as meaning, “of the surrounding area or environment,” while pointing out that it does not mean “prone to making racist comments.”

And if that wasn’t enough (definitely not), Twitter blew up with people commenting on the post, sharing their own stories of Ambien-related side effects — none of which led to racist remarks.

One user remarked how the drug was more likely to make you eat a ton of sweets in bed versus be a horrible human being.

Others were just amazed by the shade dished out by Sanofi US and

The Twitter shade was certainly strong with this entire situation. A majority of replies to both tweets showed people were less than thrilled with Roseanne trying to use Ambien as an excuse for her mistake. And rightly so! Taking responsibility for one’s actions is important, and the people of Twitter are especially good at holding people accountable for what they say (and post).

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Social media has no problem calling people out over the things they say. Once something has been posted, it doesn’t matter if you delete it or not.

The internet has a long memory and Roseanne should have thought of that before she hit “Tweet.”