Alan Rickman: Personal letters show frustration over sixth Harry Potter movie


Alan Rickman personal letters are now on show, with an important note about his frustrations over the sixth Harry Potter film.

Severus Snape played a major role in the sixth Harry Potter movie. Yet, if you ask most people about the role he played in that movie, they would likely remember the end and the way he killed Albus Dumbledore instead of Draco. However, there was so much from the books that just didn’t make it to the movie and it was disappointing for those who wanted to see this formidable character get the development he deserved.

And it looks like the fans weren’t the only ones disappointed about that. In Alan Rickman’s personal letters, there’s a note titled “Inside Snape’s Head.” Deadline reports that part of the note discusses how David Yates didn’t find Snape’s story important because it would appeal to the teens. Most of the focus was on Harry Potter’s development rather than delving deeply into who Snape was.

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Another note shows that it may not have just been the sixth movie that Rickman was frustrated about. David Heyman had written a letter to thank Rickman for the work put into making “HP2” a success. There’s acknowledgment of the frustrations but then mentions of how integral Snape is to the franchise.

It can’t be easy for directors and scriptwriters turning books into movies and TV shows. There are elements that the fans want to see but then time constraints, budget constraints, and storytelling for the type of a movie/show that need to be taken into consideration. However, many will admit that they wanted more focus on Snape, especially in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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Would you have like to see more focus on Snape in the sixth Harry Potter movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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