A 17-year-old high schooler got to play with The Killers and yeah, we’re jealous


A 17-year-old got his world rocked by The Killers when they let him on stage to play the drums.

If you get the chance to play drums with The Killers, you better take it. At a recent concert, the band that gave us such hits as “Mr. Brightside” and “All These Things That I’ve Done” brought a 17-year-old to rock out.

In the words of Brandon Flowers himself, “jealousy, turning saints into the sea.” Meaning that we wish it could have been us! Nick Evans, a high schooler from Massachusetts, got to go on stage during their set at Boston Calling Music Festival.

To make us even more jealous, Evans got to play drums for the song “For Reasons Unknown.” What helped him get picked out from the crowd? Evans had a sign made for the show that read, “I can drum For Reasons Unknown.” Looks like The Killers took him up on that offer!

Evans told Boston.com that as a drummer, he decided to create the sign a little over a month beforehand, all to “make the dream come true.” Whether or not Evans knew this, The Killers have been giving lots of love to their fans lately (as you can see here and here).

And for the rest of us? We’ve learned an important lesson. Make a poster or do something to stand out in the crowd, because you could end up rocking out with your favorite band.

The Killers is one of those rock bands that we can’t get enough of. Now knowing there is an actual possibility we could play with The Killers, we have just one question. What song would you want to play with Brandon Flowers and company?

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If you’re attending one of their concerts soon, start brushing up on their chords for “Smile Like You Mean It” or make sure you know all the words to “Heart of a Girl.”  Now that one kid got the chance of a lifetime, everyone is going to want to live their dreams of becoming a (temporary) member of The Killers.