Armie Hammer enjoys running errands, even in NYC, and that’s adorable


Find a man who loves to do errands, and you’ll be set. Armie Hammer is definitely one of those guys (even if it means running around New York City).

Armie Hammer has easily become one of the internet’s boyfriends. From his billowy shirt in Call Me By Your Name to our love of him in The Man From U.N.C.L.E, we’ve been in love with him for quite some time now. He’s quirky, he’s tall, and boy does he love a tracksuit.

So why are we crushing on him recently? Well, recently, Armie moved to New York City for his show Straight White Men on Broadway. While he is seemingly having a ball, the actor decided to go out for some errands.

What’s cute about this is that if you’ve ever tried to do anything in New York in a timely manner, you realize quite quickly that it is impossible. So the fact that Armie is having a great experience running around the city is pretty endearing.

It’s also hilarious to think that the giant that is Armie Hammer is easily navigating New York as well as taking the subway. But how long will this cute errand-running last?

Who knows. New York and its pedestrian congestion get real old… real fast. Hopefully, for Armie, he continues to enjoy running around the city.

It’s nice to see him enjoying himself and having fun while getting ready for his big Broadway show. Then again, that’s why we love Armie. He just seems to enjoy every aspect of his life and wants to share with us all how happy he really is.

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You can see Armie on Broadway in Straight White Men. And really, who doesn’t want to be in the same room as Armie Hammer?