25 shows that will make you happy to be single this summer

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Charmed may have been called the “jiggle TV” of the early aughts, but they repped the single ladies as well. The women of Charmed had fancy jobs, awesome clothes, yet struggled to find a man that wasn’t some sort of otherworldly deity,  murderous demon, or  time traveler. That didn’t stop them from saving the world, over and over. All while wearing butterfly clips in the hair and giant platform sandals.

The best thing about the Halliwell sisters is there perseverance in both their love lives and their evil-fighting duties. Piper, the middle of the three sisters, had to wait years and years while her husband and father of her children was whisked away to heaven to be a guardian angel. Poor Phoebe, the youngest of the three, actually married the devil, and she almost got sucked into the dark side.

Their patience for all the trials and tribulations is really kinda admirable. Who else among us would fight (literal) heaven and hell to stand by our man? These girls serve a reminder that being single just might be a better alternative to battling for life and death everyday. Give me a night at home in my jammies, drinking wine, and watching Housewives than dating a man I might have to vanquish to his death when it’s all said and done.

Where to watch: All eight seasons of the witchy drama are on Netflix, but beware those later seasons. Once Shannen Doherty exited the show, things got a little whacky for a while. Also, watch out for a young and very jiggly Kalie Cuoco in the last two.