Westworld season 2: 3 reasons we need to see more Akane


After her debut in “Akane no Mai,” here’s why we’re hoping the character Akane shows up more in the Westworld episodes to come.

Honestly, we didn’t know if there was room in our hearts to love another endlessly complicated Westworld lady. Maeve and Dolores (yes, even this season’s Dolores) take up a lot of space in the conversation, as they should.

However, after “Akane no Mai,” we’re pleased to report that we’re also on Team Akane, and we sincerely hope that she shows up more throughout the remaining episodes of this season (and the seasons beyond) of Westworld.

Here are three reasons why.

She’s not Maeve

Although the point is that she’s a Shogun World version of Maeve, Akane has already shown that she isn’t exactly Maeve, either before or after her awakening. She’s already lost her daughter-figure in Sakura, unless Maeve discovers how to resurrect hosts like Dolores. She has already stepped away from the potential for power.

If she, like Maeve, becomes sentient, then she can and should have a journey all on her own.

She’s willing to get deadly

If you didn’t like Akane’s dance that ends in murder of a fellow host (or her stabbing another one), then we don’t know what to tell you. Imagine what she can do with other weapons in her hands. The best part of it all is that she’s not needlessly violent; her actions naturally extend from what’s going on with her at the time. Maeve might be able to tell hosts what to do, but Akane just does it herself.

Rinko Kikuchi herself

Actress Rinko Kikuchi deserves more of a spotlight. Yes, she’s in the Pacific Rim movies, but as we’ve seen with Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood, killer work on Westworld can lead to bigger and better opportunities. Kikuchi infuses Akane with a mix of emotions that are fascinating to watch playing across her face.

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There should be room for more women in Westworld the park and in Westworld the show; we just hope that Akane ends up being one of them.