Top 8 awful and awesome moments from AMC’s The Terror

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“And who is going to stop you?”

Though Silna is often the victim of circumstances outside of her control, she remains a self-possessed and energetic character — and we see that most clearly in the scene where Crozier threatens to throw her off the ship if she doesn’t tell them how to kill the Tuunbaq, and Silna snaps back.

Nive Nielsen’s performance here is absolutely breathtaking; Silna has been through so much at this point, and her anger and frustration at Crozier and his men rings so true. Especially compared to her character in the book, who never gets any spoken lines, it was wonderful to see her get a chance to flip the narrative and illuminate her side of the story: unwillingly dragged into the predicament that these strangers have gotten themselves into, and then blamed for all of their problems. In many ways this was the moment when the show won my total faith that they knew exactly what kind of story they were telling.

Blanky vs Tuunbaq, round 1

I mean honestly, this could just as easily be labelled “Blanky does anything.” I love that man. I mean, the guy literally prepares to be violently devoured by a supernatural creature by covering himself with forks. What an legend.

But the scene where he faces the Tuunbaq and makes it out alive (though not quite in one piece) was probably his best moment — defying death while giving the men their first real shot at fighting back against the creature which has been picking them off one by one. Who didn’t get goosebumps at Blanky grinning down the face of death and spitting out “First shot a winter, lads”? Blanky asserts himself as the ship’s official boss and defends that title right to the bitter end.