Best plus-size celeb styles to rock this summer with inspo from Chrissy Metz to Melissa McCarthy


Our favorite plus-size celebrity styles come courtesy of superstars Chrissy Metz and Melissa McCarthy, who are leading the way for a sizzling summer!

Get ready to rock the summer months in fabulously fashionable plus-size celebrity styles. Chrissy Metz and Melissa McCarthy have paved the fashion path in rewriting the rules on what to wear and what to avoid when it comes to plus-size styles. And the news to celebrate: Anything goes as long as you love it!

Sleeveless and one shoulder celebrity styles stun

With temps rising, there’s no reason you shouldn’t bare a little more than your legs. Chrissy Metz, for example, turned heads at the Billboard Music Awards by wearing a one-shoulder dress that caused Twitter to flutter.

Metz worked the look with hair slicked bag and lips touched up with red-hot lipstick, donning a one-shoulder frock from designer John Paul Ataker.

Bright colors and skin-tight celebrity fashions sizzle

Chrissy also proved how sexy a plus-size can look in popping colors and fitted materials. Someone is easily ready for summer and plenty more red carpets in this red latex dress.

Chrissy also had the perfect response to those who got, as she put it on Instagram, “rowdy” for her choice of “unconventional material.” The This Is Us star told People that she credits the red carpet with transforming her celebrity style.

"I never wore form-fitting dresses before. There are a lot of people who make you feel uncomfortable if you show a chubby stomach, arm or leg. I was being educated, while becoming part of the conversation on size inclusivity."

Metz now has acquired a love for “bold colors and prints,” and she urges other women to follow her lead in deciding to “stop hiding.” The actress hopes other plus-size women will start expressing their own style in options such as the floral gown that celebrated Chrissy “in all my embroidered glory.”

Dazzle with sequins and fitted waistbands

And when it comes to not hiding, another plus-size star, Melissa McCarthy, literally is the Life Of The Party. McCarthy joins Chrissy Metz in becoming known for breaking all those silly plus-size celebrity fashion rules. To step out for the premiere of her new movie, Life Of The Party, Melissa McCarthy chose a sequinned blazer and a T-shirt that turned heads with its Roy Lichtenstein-style pop art.

McCarthy also is known for ignoring another alleged style rule: No fitted waistbands. Melissa is fond of wearing skirts with flattering waists, topping them with bright colors that show off her beauty.

Celebrity style summary: Whatever your size, celebrate your beauty with fashion freedom

Melissa and Chrissy aren’t the only stars seeking to change plus-size style standards. Designer Christian Siriano has shared his own support for celebrities such as Leslie Jones who face challenges because — despite their brilliance — they’re not “sample size.” Going beyond that, the designer urged that plus-size style standards change.

Plus-size celebrity Gabourey Sidibe told Harper’s Bazaar that her style confidence came from within. The actress chooses colors that she likes and styles that she likes. “[Choosing clothes] doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you,” advised Sidibe. “Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.”

Ultimately, wearing plus-size styles that take time to find gives her “freedom” to look just as fabulous as she feels.

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Can we get a plus-size group hug, please?