Stranger Things’ Bob Newby and Mews the cat are back from the dead! Sort of…


Stranger Things fans rejoice! Bob Newby and Mews the cat are back from the dead…just not in the way that you would expect.

Stranger Things is one of those shows where you can easily become attached to characters within the first five minutes of meeting them. It’s no surprise that when the creators of the show, brothers Ross and Matt Duffer, threw in some tragic twists involving a character’s fate that there would be a fan uprising via social media.

First there was #JusticeforBenny. Then #JusticeforBarb. Finally, the Duffer Brothers condemned  another favorite of ours, thus igniting #JusticeforBob. Basically what we can take from this is that any character that has a name starting with B is doomed. Look out, Billy Hargrove.

But, fear not! These characters may be gone, but they are certainly not forgotten. Netflix brought Bob (played by Sean Astin) and Dustin’s cat, Mews, together for a mini Stranger Things 2 reunion in a digital short titled “Where are they now?”

The two characters sit and watch their death scenes together in an effort to get one step closer to accepting their tragic fate. “Confronting your past is the first step to healing,” Bob says as he gently pets his feline co-star.

As they watch, both can be seen sweetly comforting each other as the demogorgons attack them in their respective scenes on the screen. Watch the interaction below:

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We will always remember “Bob Newby, superhero.” The same surely goes for “Mews, Supercat.”