We could have more episodes of Parks and Recreation… if Beyoncé agrees to be in it


Any excuse to have Parks and Recreation back into our lives is one that works for us. And if you’re adding Beyoncé as mayor? Even better.

Parks and Recreation is one of those shows that fans sorely miss. Not because the show ended prematurely (it ended on its own terms), but rather because it brought a light to the world that hasn’t been returned.

So when Nick Offerman (our very own Ron Swanson) stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Amy Poehler, he talked about a possible reunion. The catch? Beyoncé had to agree to be the mayor.

Now if you remember the show, one of the big gets for it was Bill Murray. Amy Poehler had said repeatedly how she wanted him to be mayor. And in the last season, it was revealed that he was actually the mayor this whole time. (He died so Jerry could take over. But still, it was Bill Murray.)

Now, Nick and Amy Poehler have pointed out that if Beyoncé were to agree to be mayor, the show would come back instantly.

So the question now is simple: What’s the holdup?

Parks and Recreation was easily one of the best comedies on television, which isn’t surprising since it was a Mike Schur creation (the same man who brought us The Office, Brooklyn 99, and The Good Place). While it could have gone on for more seasons, it had a beautiful ending and was seemingly perfect.

Now that the show has been gone for quite some time though, it is clear that it would have thrived in 2018. With the politically charged Leslie Knope fronting the show, the Trump era would have been an interesting take for the people of Pawnee, Indiana.

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So will Beyoncé agree to be on Parks and Recreation so it can come back? Who knows, but we can all hope.