Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes: A non-magical version of Sirius and Remus?


We love Sirius Black and Remus Lupin and we love Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. But can we compare the two groups of friends to one another?

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are two best friends who’ve been through a lot together. You know who else are two best friends who have been through quite a bit? Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

When you look at the two groups of friends, they’re not really that different. Separated by unforeseen circumstances, always there for each other, probably in love with one another but unwilling to admit it. They’re all the same fundamental principals.

Granted, we don’t have many friends that are different from these principals. They’re all pretty much the same breakdown, especially if they’re two guys. But with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes (and then Sirius and Lupin) there is another level of intimacy that is rare.

That rarity is what makes them so unique and reminds us of each friendship. They’re so willing to die for the other, to put whatever at risk to make sure their friend is okay that it almost feels as if they’re in love with one another on a deeper level.

Now there is plenty of fanfiction out there about both groups but wouldn’t it be nice if they both ended up together? Too bad we know that isn’t the case for Sirius and Lupin but we can still hope for Steve and Bucky.

Or if not, at least we have some beautiful friendships to look up to.

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You can catch Bucky and Steve in action in Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters now! Sirius and Remus are just living in our Harry Potter books and movies. So you can relive their magical friendship there!