25 shows to watch if you like Riverdale

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Twin Peaks

Although Twin Peaks preceded Riverdale by almost 30 years, there are direct parallels between the two. In fact, Riverdale draws very, very heavily from the David Lynch classic, and there are overt nods to the original ABC murder mystery.

The premise: A young woman is found dead in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. While the death of Laura Palmer serves as our primary introduction, the show becomes about much  more than just solving the mystery of the murder.

FBI Agent Dale Cooper arrives in the town to assist in the case, and he’s transfixed by the town’s secrets and eccentricity. He becomes enamored of the town and of the victim herself, and he begins to adapt more to life in Twin Peaks than he understands.

Why you’ll like it: Much like Riverdale, everyone is a weirdo in their own right. Everyone has a secret, and it’s probably shocking and completely unexpected (a la Penelope Blossom as a madam). It’s got a cheeky sense of humor mixed in with its gritty neo-noir vibes, and you’ll chuckle as much as you gasp.

It’s also super weird itself. David Lynch, auteur and gifted storyteller, has a penchant for non-linear storytelling and going heavy on the symbolism and allusion. There’s a fair share of the supernatural and occult, but it’s balanced with the mundanity of everyday, small-town life. You’re just as likely to see a demon in a hallucination as you are to watch a pie being made from scratch.

Where to find it: You can find the original series on Netflix, and its very eclectic and academic continuation, Twin Peaks: The Return, on Showtime’s website.