25 shows to watch if you like Riverdale

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Ray Donovan

In the interest of full disclosure, I have an insane celebrity crush on Liev Schreiber, and I will not even attempt to be neutral … at all. Aside from my silly infatuation, this show made the list solely because of Hiram Lodge. Ray Donovan the character is doing what Hiram wishes he could do and wearing better suits while doing it.

The premise: A south Boston “fixer” moves to Los Angeles to work for high profile clients, cleaning up unseemly “messes.”

Schreiber plays the title character as a stoic, emotionally devoid giant of a man. He, and his entire family, including a shrill wife, two terrible children, a connected ex-con father and two needy brothers, live in LA. Everyone is constantly making terrible decisions and getting into incredible jams, out of which Ray must extract them.

Why you’ll like it: Ray is a complicated character, exhibiting all the tropes that the white male peak TV antihero must. He has an unhealable wound from his past, he is selfish, treats his loved ones very poorly, but is so tortured and damaged that we all just want to run and save him. We excuse his behavior because he’s damaged. And handsome — he’s very, very handsome.

Where to find it: All five seasons of the show are available on Hulu. The show gets more and more outrageous as the seasons wind on, but it’s still pretty good on teenage drama, since Ray performs as an emotional teenager for most of the show. You can also watch it on Showtime’s website.