25 shows to watch if you like Riverdale

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Also based on a graphic novel, Preacher goes full-on dark. This series doesn’t dance around the supernatural like Riverdale.  Instead, it goes full throttle and offers a fun mix of car chases, bar fights, shootouts, possessions, vampires and God-boxes.

The premise: A wayward Texan returns from his mischievous and dodgy life to reclaim the church at which his father was a preacher. He assumes the role, but he struggles to let go of his past.

Jesse Custer left Texas as a young man and went on to live life as an outlaw. He and his childhood girlfriend, Tulip, participated in all sorts of lawlessness, but he returns to his West Texas town after his father dies. Jesse immediately undergoes a crisis of faith and is imbued with an otherworldly spirit, which affords him special powers.

These special powers come with a lot of problems and draw a lot of shady characters to his church door. He enlists Tulip and a mysterious vampire-like man, Cassidy, to help him contend with his church duties while balancing his new found powers.

Why you’ll like it: It’s just flat out unexpectedly weird. The first episode sets up a celestial exposition that might seem out of step, but it lines up eventually. The characters are wildly unrelatable, but we connect them to without question.

Although the show is heavy on the religious stuff, it’s still a lot of action and drama. Jesse is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking rebel. That’s just not going to change with the collar.

Where to find it: Both seasons are available on Hulu. Season 2 is especially fun, as Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy take their show on the road to New Orleans. It gets very dicey (in a super fun way), but worth the watch.