25 shows to watch if you like Riverdale

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Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is a quirky, existential 30-minute comedy that is both influenced by Twin Peaks, but also pushes back against the noir tropes of the genre. It has this in common with Riverdale, making us laugh and recoil within the same episode.

The premise: The handsome Ned possesses a special gift in that he is able to bring dead people back to life with just a touch. He uses his gift to help solve crimes, but his life takes a turn for the problematic when he reanimates his long lost love, Chuck. The problematic catch is that once he brings Chuck back to life, he can never touch her again or she’ll stay dead forever.

The forensic fairy tale marries the supernatural with a crime-solving element, cranking the whimsy way up. Produced by Bryan Fuller, it looks and sounds much like a sweet bedtime story, but it has a lot more teeth than it seems on the surface.

Why you’ll like it: It’s sweet and beautiful, but it has a sweeping appeal that feels good but can also break your heart. Critics loved it, and it snagged 17 primetime Emmy nominations in the short two years it was on. It’s quirky and unusual, much like its grittier younger cousin, Riverdale, but ultimately, it’s a modern meditation about what it means to love someone.

Where to find it: You can buy both of the bright and eclectic seasons on Amazon or watch it for free on The CW Seed network.