Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at risk of new EU lighting regulations


Changes to EU lighting regulations puts Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and other similar theater productions at risk.

Director, actor, writer, and producer Giles Watling is worried about the developing on EU lighting regulations. Despite the UK currently taking steps to leave the EU, the new regulations could come into effect first and they put productions like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at risk.

For those unaware, the EU wants to improve the economical and environmental effect lighting has. This directive will ban certain lighting products from being brought into the European Union, which currently includes the UK. However, the theaters currently use the proposed banned products because they are better for lighting the stages.

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Theaters may be exempt

There are currently talks of offering an exemption for the stage productions. This would save the likes of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which uses many of the proposed banned products. Many other productions would have to close down too and this would put multiple people out of jobs—not to mention the effect it would have on theaters as a whole!

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More work needs to happen to protect the theaters from the new EU lighting regulations.

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Won’t Brexit prevent a problem?

You’re not wrong in thinking that Brexit stops all this from becoming a permanent problem. However, it could become an initial one and that could lead to major issues in the future. Just temporarily closing the productions would lead to their ultimate closers, at least for many of the smaller ones. After all, the West End would want to fill the empty theaters with the productions it can.

While Brexit talks are currently happening, the EU lightning regulations are expected to come in before Brexit actually takes place. This would mean the UK would have to bring in laws for that regulation (and then work on removing them after Brexit). It’s best just to have the exemption for theaters in place from the start.

Did you know about the EU lighting regulations? Are you worried about the fate of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child if the stage exemption doesn’t happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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