Sebastian Stan was also pretty confused about the fate of Bucky Barnes


Don’t worry everyone. Sebastian Stan was also confused when he found out what happens to Bucky Barnes in Avengers: Infinity War.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who have not seen Avengers: Infinity War

Sebastian Stan is easily a fan favorite. That smile of his, that charm, plus all the ways he makes sure his fans are having a good time prove that he’s a great actor and a great person.

When Infinity War came out, we were pretty concerned (no, terrified) about who would live and who would perish in the film. Of course one of the many characters we were anxious about was Bucky Barnes.

When it was revealed that his character didn’t make it through Thanos’s rapture, Stan was a bit confused, to say the least. At Wizard World Philly, Stan spoke about when his stunt director was instructing him how to fall to his “demise.”

For fans, we were shocked when the first Avenger to vanish was the beloved Bucky. To many, he was destined to be the next Captain America. Thus his death was a turn of events that none of us saw coming. Including Sebastian Stan!

In an adorable moment at this recent con, he discussed trying to ask Kevin Feige if Bucky was truly gone. When he found out that Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon, also met the same fate, he knew he’d be okay. As in Mackie wouldn’t get to be Captain America over Bucky. They both were taken out by Thanos’ snap, but at least Captain America lived on.

There were a ton of questions for Stan about the fate of his character, ranging from what Bucky was trying to say to Steve to if he was really dead. What was Bucky going to say before he vanished?

“Steve, I don’t feel so good,” Stan teased. Many fans in the audience gasped (too soon to think about dear Peter Parker).

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Thankfully, Sebastian was willing to talk about Infinity War, despite how so many of us are still mourning the loss of some beloved characters.

He didn’t talk about the fate of his character or what would happen in Avengers 4. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes of Bucky Barnes in the next film. Hopefully, the White Wolf lives on because he’s one character we would miss just a little too much.