When will Harry Potter be on SyFy and USA?


All eight Hary Poter movies are coming to SyFy and USA, but when? When will we be able to watch Harry Potter marathons?

Right now, the only place you can stream the Harry Potter movies is via HBO. However, come the end of June this year that will no longer be the case. The Harry Potter movies will no longer be available on HBO.

Which sucks for those who enjoy a good weekend binge watch of all eight movies and subscribed to HBO just for the Harry Potter movies. However, there is good news. They will soon be making their way back to normal cable TV.

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Harry Potter will soon be available on SyFy and USA. A Harry Potter weekend will be coming with regular marathons thereafter. The bad news, it is unclear when that will be exactly.

When will Harry Potter be on SyFy and USA?

Nothing official had been announced yet. SyFy has confirmed they will be showing the movies and it will be in the summer, but they have not given an official date. HBO has also confirmed they will be removing them from their listing and that will be the end of June.

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The expectation, however, is it will be at the end of June. It has been confirmed that when SyFy start airing the movies, HBO will no longer have them available so June is a good assumption.

An announcement will no doubt be given once the date has been confirmed. SyFy will want to promote this as much as possible and when they do we will be sure to bring that news to you.

When do you think the Harry Potter movies will be available on SyFy? Do you expect it to be available as soon as HBO removes them from their service? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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