Harry Potter movies won’t be available on HBO for much longer


You’ve got until the end of June to stream all eight Harry Potter movies and the first Fantastic Beasts movie before they all leave HBO Go.

Trying to find a way to watch the Harry Potter movies legally without buying the DVDs is becoming harder and harder. In the United States, HBO had managed to gain the rights to all eight movies about the Boy Who Lived shortly after debuting the prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them back in August 2017. Because of this, the movies aren’t available on Netflix.

All nine movies were made available through HBO Go, which is great when you want to watch literally on the go! You can stream to your heart’s content.

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At least, you could. The movies are leaving the service at the end of June 2018. That means you’ve got 41 days, including today, to get through the movies at least one last time before they leave.

The even worse news is that you won’t be able to stream them anywhere after this without paying for the individual movies. Well, you won’t right now. No other company has shared that it’s getting the rights to stream the service, so you’ll have to go directly to Warner Bros. to get your digital copies, unless you managed to snag a digital version when you bought one of the Blu-Rays—there are a few Blu-Rays that offer this benefit.

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Of course, this may not last forever. HBO Go may get the licensing rights back at some point. The nine movies may even make their way to Netflix at some point. Or this could just be a way to force you into getting the Blu-Rays or DVDs and watch while stuck in your living room.

At the moment, this doesn’t affect the UK’s access through Sky.

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Do you stream the Harry Potter movies through HBO? Is this disappointing for you? Will you drop your HBO access now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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