Weekend box office: The novelty appears to have worn off with Deadpool 2


Although Deadpool 2 had no trouble claiming the top spot at the box office this weekend, it was unable to match the domestic earnings of the first film.

As expected, Deadpool 2 easily broke Avengers: Infinity War‘s streak this weekend at the box office. Though Thanos is certainly mighty and Infinity War closes on nearly $2 billion worldwide, superhero films are starting to lag domestically.

Currently, Infinity War‘s foreign haul is about double what it made stateside. Likewise, Deadpool 2‘s opening weekend earned $125 million domestically and more than double at $301 million overseas. And it’s the overseas box office that continues to give many franchises the legs to continue, like Transformers and The Fast and The Furious.

The first Deadpool film opened at $132 million and it makes sense that the second film wouldn’t meet those expectations, if only because nobody had an idea what to expect the first time around. Though Ryan Reynolds certainly fits into the role perfectly, as he jokes within the film, there have been other R-Rated superhero films since the first movie came out. And considering how stylish Logan was, Deadpool 2 really needed to step up its game. More swearing, more blood and a Cable who isn’t played by Keira Knightley proved not to be enough.

Ultimately, with the Fox and Disney merger happening in the background, one might wonder whether Deadpool 2‘s success even really matters?

So, here are the top 10 films at the box office this weekend:

"Deadpool 2 $125,000,000Avengers: Infinity War $28,672,000 / $595,032,959Book Club $12,500,000Life of the Party $7,725,000 / $31,036,507Breaking In $6,470,000 / $28,750,710Show Dogs $6,034,770Overboard $4,725,000 / $36,973,570A Quiet Place $4,040,000 / $176,176,313Rampage $1,500,000 / $92,423,329RBG $1,280,000 / $3,880,766"

Compared to other comedies that have released recently, Book Club didn’t open as strongly as Life of the Party or Overboard in their respective weekends. Although, you may (or may not) notice that Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty and Black Panther have both fallen completely out of the top 10.

Meanwhile, A Quiet Place‘s hold for the past seven weeks is remarkable. However, with all these summer movies coming out, it probably won’t hit $200 million domestically.

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Looking ahead to this upcoming weekend, Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters. In addition to some of its previous problems, its mediocre Rotten Tomatoes score probably won’t convince anyone to run to the theaters. It will have all of the Memorial Day holiday weekend to rake it in, but it’s currently only tracking toward about $120 million.