Will Solo: A Star Wars Story have a different Sith Lord appear?


New rumors and spoilers from around the web suggest that Solo: A Star Wars Story could have a member of the Sith appear, but not the one we thought it’d be.

Warning: In case you missed it, we did say that these are Solo: A Star Wars Story spoilers. If you can wait a week, feel free to do so.

It might be the most Han Solo thing of them all to have these potential Solo: A Star Wars Story spoilers drop just a week before the movie does on May 25. This all comes via our sister site, Dork Side of the Force, and ultimately via the Star Wars Leaks subreddit.

The rumor has it — with the above image linked as proof — that Darth Maul is actually in Solo, not Darth Vader. Now, if you’ve paid attention to Star Wars Rebels as well as The Clone Wars, you know Maul’s apparent “death” in The Phantom Menace isn’t really a death after all, but it does necessitate his acquiring cybernetic legs.

To be completely honest, the linked image does really look like it could be those legs, translated from animation to live-action. Pay close attention to the knees in particular. Of course, the biggest evidence has to be the head, which does look like it could be red and black with horns.

On the one hand, we’re with Dork Side that this could be really great. Maul is a particularly interesting Sith, and how can you say no to a double-bladed lightsaber? On the other hand, however, this does concern us. Dork Side says it’s only a cameo, but in a movie that reviews say really trades on the Star Wars above all else, this might be one bridge too far. Let’s just hope that whatever role Maul plays — if he plays one — doesn’t end up overshadowing the movie too much more. Lando Calrissian’s already done a good enough job of that.

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What do you make of Maul maybe returning to the big screen almost 20 years after his debut?