Riverdale will see an even darker version of Hiram Lodge and that’s exciting

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Hiram Lodge had Archie arrested for a murder that one of his own men committed. This means that he has no problem with framing other people. In going darker, one can only believe that this will become much more prominent, especially if the series goes in a more crime-noir direction in season 3.

Personally, I believe that we are going to see Hiram Lodge try to destroy everything that makes Riverdale home to these people. He already started the process by destroying the Southside and setting into motion his plans for the jail and eventually a brothel, but I think he is far from done. This is especially true considering he seems to be meeting with even more people to discuss his current plans for the Southside.

And what about Riverdale High? Does he have plans for the remaining high school in town? Considering the school is at the heart of these stories, I think he probably does.  He may not be able to shut down Riverdale High, but that doesn’t mean he can’t destroy the school in some other way (and arresting Archie was a great way to get that destruction started).

Hiram has plans, and none of them are in the best interest of Riverdale. With his connections, power and money, it looks like he may end up not only controlling the Southside, but all of Riverdale. And that is definitely not a good thing for anyone.

Plus, while he might have what he wants now that he owns the Worm, thanks to Veronica trading it for Pops, that does not mean he is done with the town’s diner and all-around meeting place. Everyone heads to Pops to talk or relax, and if he can gain more power and leverage by owning it, I can see Hiram finding a way to get the diner back from his own daughter.

As someone who is willing to destroy things in his way in order to get what he wants, who would really be surprised if he were to once more go after Pops in an underhanded way. I don’t think it would even matter that he would be hurting Veronica in the process.

And let’s not forget Hiram’s wife, Hermione, who is now the mayor. She might be in a position of power in Riverdale, but we should never forget that she has been manipulated by Hiram Lodge since he came back into her life. She may have been an idiot when she decided to turn away from Fred Andrews and get back with her husband, but really Hiram has been using her since the start.

Hermione might think she has power and is an equal to her husband, but I doubt he sees it that way. Hiram Lodge is going to use and abuse his wife, and if season 2 proved anything, it’s that he will have no problem continuing that pattern in season 3.

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We may not know what Riverdale season 3 has in store for us right now, but it sounds like things are going to get even more dangerous moving forward. With Hiram Lodge set to be even darker and more dastardly next season, and Archie Andrews in jail, it sounds like Riverdale is in for a major shakeup. And not necessarily in a good way for the people in town.