15 TV shows that need to end already

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Family Guy (FOX)

It’s time to say goodbye to the Griffin family and their colorful Quahog neighbors.

When Family Guy started in 1999, it was the new millennium’s answer to The Simpsons. It was a funny, adult-oriented cartoon about a dysfunctional, All-American, middle class family, but it went further than The Simpsons did.

While The Simpsons seemed tongue in cheek when it premiered 10 years earlier, Family Guy arrived to be way more vulgar and ridiculous.

The show had a dedicated fanbase right away, but the show got cancelled after its first season. Thanks to the rise of DVD sales for the first season and fans demanding the show be brought back, Fox actually listened and brought it back for a second season that fall. Now the show is on its 16th season, and has been renewed for another.

Unfortunately, the show just isn’t as funny anymore. It used to be somewhat grounded in reality, but now the show is just too many cutaway gags and themed episodes. Ultimately, it’s become repetitive and dry.

People used to talk about what happened on Family Guy every week at school or work, or even on social media, but it just doesn’t get people talking the way it used to. Except for when there’s a controversy or people are calling for it to be cancelled, of course.

We want to add The Simpsons to this list too, but we just can’t seem to let go of the beloved cartoon just yet. Give us a couple more years, and then we’ll talk.