Are we going to see a young Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel?


With everyone anxiously awaiting the Captain Marvel solo movie, it seems that we keep getting more and more spoilers. The latest? A young Carol Danvers.

Captain Marvel is going to be a big deal with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only is it the first female-led solo movie but it is also their saving grace for Avengers: Infinity War. If you stayed until after the credits, it seems as if Carol is coming to help all our heroes.

So while we wait for her appearance in Avengers 4, what’s more important is her solo turn! And that includes, apparently, a young McKenna Grace playing Carol Danvers. From Gifted with Chris Evans to I, Tonya with Sebastian Stan, she finally gets to be a Marvel hero.

When the initial press release came out for the cast, McKenna Grace was part of the line up, but her role was never disclosed. While we don’t know for sure if this is her real casting, The Hashtag Show seems to believe it is confirmed.

It’ll be interesting, nonetheless, to see how Marvel tackles the film. Carol Danvers is a beloved character by women (and men) all over the world, and it is a big moment for Marvel to finally include a female-led film into the MCU.

We got a glimpse at the end of Avengers: Infinity War of what the all female Avengers could be like and with Carol joining the team, maybe we will have a little bit of a moment of it during Avengers 4. Luckily, we have Captain Marvel to tide us over until the film comes out.

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You can see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters now — and don’t worry, Captain Marvel will be coming soon to save the day. We can’t wait until we get to see Carol Danvers in action!