Let us not forget that Dumbledore is part of the wizarding war


While we gear up for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald, let’s not forget why the war began in the first place.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is bringing life to a story that not many Harry Potter fans know. While we understand that Voldemort brought on the wizarding war, we never really examined how that war came to be.

Granted, most just assumed it was his doing and moved on. But that isn’t exactly the truth. For instance, we learned later on that Dumbledore had a hand in the start of the war not by his actions but rather because his ‘friend’ was at the beginning.

Fantastic Beasts. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. via WB Media Pass

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By friend, we’ve learned that Dumbledore was in love with Grindelwald, a fact we hoped the new movie would expand upon. From what we’ve seen in the press and in promotional things for the movie, that isn’t the case.

J.K Rowling got some flack when she announced that Albus Dumbledore was gay after the fact, fans stating that making him a gay character within the series could have been beneficial to LGBTQ+ fans fo the series.

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So when the title of the next Fantastic Beasts film was released, many of us assumed that we’d finally get that storyline. Warner Brothers has since had other ideas and said that they will not be depicting Dumbledore in that way.

Not in a “he’s not gay anymore” sense but rather that they’re just not going to point it out. So we, as fans, can infer that he is in love with Grindelwald but the movie will not outright say so. Which is a little bit of a jab to those fans looking forward to this new aspect to Dumbledore.

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