20 of the absolute strangest ice cream flavors ever made

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Black Licorice Ice Cream

At Sonny’s Ice Cream shop (again), black licorice-lovers can get their fix with their black licorice ice cream. For many people, black licorice is a dividing flavor; you either love it or hate it. As someone who falls firmly in the “no thank you” camp, I admit I find this to be a strange flavor.

That being said, enjoy your black licorice ice cream whenever you want at Sonny’s because this seems to be a permanent addition to the menu.

Durian ice cream

This might be one of the more polarizing flavors, because the way this particular fruit tastes like will all depend on your taste buds. Either you are going to end up with a flavor that reminds you of sweetened almonds (yay) or you are going to taste onions that have gone rotten (not so yay).

Really, this flavor is on the strange list because there is the chance that instead of a sweet, delicious treat, some people are going to get a mouthful of rotten onions. If you want to take the chance and roll the dice, then head to Las Vegas and Perfect Scoop for their durian ice cream, which is a permanent addition to the menu.

Guinness ice cream

At Flavors Gelato Shoppe out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, there are many numbers of unique ice creams and sorbets on the menu. One of those flavors is their Guinness ice cream, which is exactly what it sounds like, an Irish stout flavored sweet treat.

Not only do you not have to wait until St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy a perfect pour, but with this particular ice cream, you get a flavor that is a lot more like a coffee-meets-chocolate, with less of the bitterness often associated with beers and stouts.

Lox ice cream

If you’ve never heard of Max and Mina’s Ice Cream in New York, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. This is an ice cream shop that has unique in its DNA. In fact, they craft so many interesting and strange flavors that you will not be surprised when they pop up a few more times on this list.

So yes, this place has created a lox-flavored ice cream. And they say Charlie Gibson of ABC News has tried it and liked it! So while the flavor might seem strange, it turns out it might actually be worth giving a try, at least once.

Horseradish ice cream

Be prepared to get the full effects of horseradish with this treat from Max and Mina’s. Once again, here is another unique and even strange ice cream flavor that people might never have considered before.

This is a bold and spicy treat that does not seem to be muted by the ice cream at all. Instead, you will still find that kick that clears the senses, and really that is exactly what you want from any horseradish treat.