Family gets the shock of their lives when they find out their pet dog is actually a bear


This family got a little suspicious when their pet dog kept growing and walking on his hind legs. But they never guessed their pup was a bear.

We all know what dogs are right? They’re cute, furry, four-legged creatures. It’s not that hard to tell. Well, one family got a little confused about that… A Chinese family had the shock of their lives when they realized their adorable, food loving puppy was an actual bear!

How does this happen? Su Yun, a woman from the Yunnan province of China, bought what she believed to be a Tibetan Mastiff puppy while on vacation two years ago.

Su and her family loved the dog’s little quirks, especially how hungry it was. That puppy was putting away a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day. And it just wouldn’t stop growing.

It wasn’t until the pup had grown to 250 pounds and started walking around on its hind legs that the family realized something might be a little off with their family pet.

Turns out, this Tibetan Mastiff was an Asiatic Black Bear. So to sum things up — this family was living with an actual bear in their house for two years.

“The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked,” Ms. Su said. With their thick fur and big bodies, Tibetan Mastiffs do look like little bears. But still, this was an actual bear.

“I am a little scared of bears,” she understandably added.

Luckily, the bear has left the family home and is now living his best life in a place that’s more appropriate for his species. He was taken to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre, though the staff was apparently so scared they had to sedate the bear before moving him. It’s a wonder how the family managed to live with him so long if rescue workers were freaked out.

Bafflingly, this somehow isn’t even the first time a different animal has been mistaken for a dog. Back in March, it was revealed that a man from the same area in China raised a bear he found in the woods thinking it was a stray dog.

Plus a few days ago, a woman found out that the puppy she bought from a Chinese pet store was actually a fox, which has happened multiple times.

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So, please, go home and make sure your dog is actually a dog. You don’t want to wake up with a giant bear in your bed — right?