Would Avada Kedavra work on Deadpool?


Deadpool 2 is just around the corner prompting the question. Would Avada Kedavra work on Deadpool?

Not much can stop Deadpool. After Wade Wilson, a former spec-op soldier turned mercenary, had his world flipped upside down after being experimented on, disfigured and transformed into Deadpool.

The experimentation left him with accelerated healing powers so that’s a plus but it didn’t make him indestructible. Deadpool can be stopped, Marvel made that official in 2015 when they killed Deadpool in the 250th edition of the comic book series.

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So he can die, it’s just not bloody easy to do it. However, if the killing curse, Avada Kedavra was brought in to the equation. Would that work?

Could Avada Kedavra kill Deadpool

The killing curse, when cast properly causes instant death. It is classed as an ‘unblockable curse’ meaning it cannot be blocked by a simple shield charm. In fact, the only known way to shield against the killing curse is by sacrificial magic. Harry’s mom did just that which was how he was saved when Voldemort turned his wand on him.

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So let’s apply this to Deadpool. Killing curse is cast, it hits him and he instantly dies. Then what? Would that be it or would he begin healing? Because although he can die its no a simple matter. Deadpool has had his head blown off once before and he still lived.

It’s a toss-up!

It is all going to come to what you believe the killing curse will do (or how much you like Deadpool). If the killing curse causes instant death and therefore instant death to his healing powers then yes, Avada Kedavra would kill him. But, if it did not affect the healing factor then Deadpool would be up and kicking Voldemort in the butt.

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What do you think? Do you take the position of yes it would or no it wouldn’t? You decide. Leave a comment with your decision.

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