Anthony Boyle really took the nature of purebloods to heart


The idea of a pureblood is simple and Anthony Boyle wanted that truth to be shown. So he did some interesting research for his role as Scorpius Malfoy.

There is something magical about the performance that Anthony Boyle brings to Scorpius Malfoy. And we’re not just talking about the witchcraft. Maybe it is the seemingly insane vocal choices he’s doing or the humanity he brings to this wild character but there’s just something so powerful in his work.

But let’s focus for a minute on the vocal choices. Why are they so random? Well, because they’re screechy and out there and confusing at times. But his reasoning behind them makes all the sense.

That’s right. Anthony recognized the inbreeding that goes hand in hand with most pureblood families. Because the wizarding world is so selective, finding an actual pureblood in modern days means that quite a few cousins had to marry each other and reproduce.

Harry and Ginny’s children are close but because James married Lily, Harry is only a halfblood. Still though, Anthony Boyle’s choice to study purebred dogs is genius. We so often look at purebloods and don’t see the ramifications of continually inbreeding.

So to watch his portrayal and realize that was his choice, it makes sense that he got nominated for a Tony. Not only is he an incredible actor but the work that goes into creating the specific aspects of Scorpius is mind blowing. Hopefully they’ll film Harry Potter and the Cursed Child soon so we can all see his amazing work.

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Here’s to Anthony Boyle! May he take home the Tony for his beautiful performance as Scorpius Malfoy. If you have the chance to catch him in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I highly suggest doing so! He’s incredible in the role!