#MakeAFilmPathetic was trending and Harry Potter didn’t escape it


Twitter was a buzz of #MakeAFilmPathetic tweets recently and there were plenty about Harry Potter.

You can pretty much guarantee that when a hashtag is trending on Twitter and it is related to movies, Harry Potter is going to get caught up in it. It happened with #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly and it even happened with #ThingsToSayToStartAFight, and that wasn’t even movie related. But this time, it was #MakeAFilmPathetic.

It’s pretty obvious what this one is all about. Make a film sound pathetic. It didn’t have to be any specific part of the film either but the title of the movie was the main focus. As long as you made it sound pathetic and funny you were good.

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Naturally, Harry Potter made it up there with some of the best. There was no way the franchise was escaping these crosshairs. With such a large fanbase it would have been a miracle if it did.

Amazingly the Fantastic Beasts franchise got a look in as well. Normally you don’t come across a reference to the prequel movie. If you do it’s normally way after the hashtag was trending. But it did this time. They weren’t as good as the Harry Potter tweets but its still a win for them.

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Here are some of the best Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts #MakeAFilmPathetic tweets that were tweeted out at the time.

So which one was your favorite? Where you playing at the time it was trending? Leave a comment below with our thoughts?

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