25 incredible TV moms we love to watch

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Roseanne Connor – Roseanne

Probably the most polarizing mother on the list, Roseanne Connor has everybody talking after the 2018 reboot. However, for TV fans of a certain age, she will forever be the loud-talking, tough-loving working-class mother that was very recognizable to a lot of us.

Before the new generation got their first glimpse at the 2018 Roseanne, and all the controversy that surrounds the show now, my generation of fans remember being drawn to the straight-talking familiarity of the show.

Roseanne parented her children from a place of practicality and logic. Although she loved them very much, she also understood that the world is a tough place and the most valuable lesson they can learn is how to survive it all. So much of the narrative of the original show revolved around their financial struggles, yet it never felt like the show was about “poor folks.”

In fact, despite their economic status, the show focused closely on the relationship of the family. Roseanne didn’t pull any punches with her three children, and never once coddled them. She was bound and determined to raise strong and confident kids, and she was tough but fair.

We get the special perspective, with the new version of the show, to see how well her parenting style turned out. Her children are examples of the varying degrees of success with which she parented them. With Darlene and DJ’s children around, we get to see an updated, readjustment of Roseanne as a mother.