Weekend box office: Is this Avengers: Infinity War’s last week at the top?


Naturally, Avengers: Infinity War held the top spot against the new competitors. But with Deadpool on the horizon, will that be true of next week, too?

It has been three weeks since Avengers: Infinity War debuted. For the past three weeks, fans have been dissecting the film and every new piece of information in an effort to find out what’s going to happen next. Because of all this, the conversation surrounding the film has kept it in its rightful spot at the top of the box office.

But now that conversation is changing. In fact, you can already see it happening in the media with articles like “Deadpool 2 Is Better Than First Film and Infinity War, Critics Say.”

Deadpool premieres in theaters next week on May 18, so this might be Infinity War‘s last week at the top. Of course, it made a stellar $200 million in China, which helped it cross one billion worldwide. With both Deadpool and Solo: A Star Wars Story on its way, the overall numbers (and whether Infinity War breaks two billion) will most likely be fueled by the foreign box office.

The first Deadpool earned $420 million overseas, which is great but not enough to topple the MCU. Perhaps, the movie worth wondering about is really Solo: A Star Wars Story, which will have to work hard for its foreign earnings following The Last Jedi’s disappointing draw.

So, even if either film manages to take Infinity War’s No. 1 spot next week, it’s still unlikely that either of them will stop Thanos in his tracks. If Captain America couldn’t do it, will Deadpool be able to?

Now, here are the top 10 films at the box office this weekend (totals are this weekend’s earnings followed by total domestic):

"Avengers: Infinity War $61,817,000 / $547,829,103Life of the Party $18,500,000 / $18,500,000Breaking In (2018) $16,500,000 / $16,500,000Overboard (2018) $10,100,000 / $29,593,977A Quiet Place $6,400,000 / $169,552,634I Feel Pretty $3,710,000 / $43,856,576Rampage (2018) $3,380,000 / $89,744,663Tully (2018) $2,240,000 / $6,980,060Black Panther $1,932,000 / $696,186,611RBG $1,165,000 / $2,002,767"

Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party really underperformed to the point where it’s worth pointing out that, not even including Bridesmaids or Ghostbusters, her highest earners don’t have her husband, Ben Falcone, attached as director. In contrast, films not directed by Falcone, like Spy, The Heat, and Identity Thief all grossed more than $100 million domestically.

Likewise, the Mother’s Day holiday didn’t really help Gabrielle Union’s Breaking In or push Overboard, Tully and I Feel Pretty any further.

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So, what are you seeing next weekend? Are you ready to give your money to someone other than the Avengers? Let us know in the comments below!