Saturday Night Live recap: Amy Schumer with musical guest Kacey Musgraves


This week, Saturday Night Live had a little bit of a Mother’s Day twist. Amy Schumer hosted with Kacey Musgraves as a musical guest and it was quite the show!

Not every episode of Saturday Night Live is going to be a great one. And this is definitely not one to put in the books. The problem? It was just super boring. Everything about the episode seemed slow and nothing really stuck out.

For Amy Schumer’s second hosting gig, she did fine. Which is maybe the problem. The entire episode was just a “this is fine” kind of show. Were there some sketches that were fun? Sure, but nothing to write home about.

Mother’s Day Cold Open

With Mother’s Day here, Saturday Night Live decided to thank all the moms out there. Or at least the mothers of the SNL cast members. Instead of a political sketch, the show decided to bring out everyone’s moms so that they could thank them.

The problem? Most of the mothers were tired of the political sketches and had critiques for the show! Luke Null and Chris Redd had the best moments when they told their mothers to be chill since they were new to the show. But it set the tone for a lot of the Mother’s Day content!


Much like the trend of this season, Amy Schumer did what she does best as her opening monologue. Meaning she just did a stand up set. It was a bit longer than most of the openings but was an enjoyable stand up sketch from her nonetheless.

Normally, Schumer is crass and can rub people the wrong way. But with this monologue, she just talked about her life and even brought up the way we raise boys. It was lovely and a great set to set up the show and how Schumer would approach hosting.

Mother Knows Best

A game show where mothers and their teenagers get to compete for who knows each other better, a mother and son makes everyone uncomfortable. They kiss, they brush each other’s hair, they share one bed. They seemingly know everything there is to know about one another.

Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day play a weird mother and son who very clearly are too close and everyone is uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that the host keeps asking them questions until they finally go on commercial break (where the mother has to help her son use the restroom).

New Hulu Show

Sex and the City is so last year. Now? It is all about the Handmaids. Commenting on the fact that we could very much end up in a Handmaid’s Tale-esque society, the women try and share their sex lives with one another while still being under his “watchful eye.”

It may have gone on for a bit too long because the sketch lost its excitement after the first few minutes. Still, it was a great commentary on Hulu’s show The Handmaid’s Tale as well as the way our society is heading.

The Day You Were Born

Moms work hard to make us kids feel as if it was all worth it. When her son makes her breakfast in bed, a mother tells him all about the day he was born. Clearly lying to him, she tells him that it was the best day of her life and has continued to be the greatest while being his mom.

We, as children, often take things our mothers do for us and even when they lie and tell us all that it was worth it, we appreciate them since they’re our mothers and they do it to make us happy.

Gospel Brunch

Who knows why diabetes and heart disease is running rampant in this town. Maybe it is because of all the bacon and fried food, or maybe something is in the water. Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones host a cooking show for their church and even tell a chef that she couldn’t cook on their show since she was an atheist.

When Schumer comes on as a “healthy” chef, she makes a pecan pie milkshake. Because if you drink it with a straw, it’s healthy right?

Musical Performance: Kacey Musgraves

As someone who doesn’t know who Kacey Musgraves, “High Horse” was an interesting choice for a first song. It wasn’t exactly exciting, rather just a chill song that you’d probably listen to when driving down the road with the windows down. But it didn’t really grasp our attention on the Saturday Night Live stage.

“Slow Burn” was better but still, a both of Kacey’s were a little slow and maybe didn’t show the best of her work? If they did, they were still good songs. They were just boring to watch live on television.

Weekend Update

Melissa McCarthy is Michael Che’s step-mom. Really, that’s what you need to know from this week’s Weekend Update. Bailey with her YouTube channel for reviewing movies stopped by and has a crush on Thanos but she was overshadowed the minute Che’s step-mom came out on stage.

Michael couldn’t get a joke out without her claiming it was hilarious and she cried when he thanked her for being the best step-mom out there. Of course, she hit on Colin but really, it was sweet to see McCarthy pretend like she was Che’s mother.

L’il Rent

L’il Rent is a terrible idea. A community theatre director decides to do RENT for kids and just changes AIDs to diabetes. The problem? He just replaced the the disease and didn’t bother to change any other information. So Roger gets diabetes from having sex with his girlfriend. Oh, and Roger is a child.

It was cute and a one-gimmick sketch but that that’s mostly the problem with the entire episode. Nothing really stuck out because it was all a one-shot joke that they just had to carry on for three minutes.

Last Call with Amy Schumer

Basically, Schumer and McKinnon grossly hit on each other. Two women at a bar are in love with each other at first sight but it gets kind of gross. They don’t care that there is still a bartender there who doesn’t want to hear their weird pick-up lines.

Don’t worry though, they then just start tonguing each other (meaning they are licking each other’s faces). That is only after sanitizing their mouths with hand-sanitizer while making out with face masks on. Uh… yea.

Graduation Commercial

Graduation is going to be wild. Filmed like the Jersey Shore, basically, we’re going to watch this graduation and it is going to be like every other high school graduation that has come before it. Including a pregnant senior and a breakup!

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