15 Disney moms who deserve the spotlight on Mother’s Day

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Alcmene (Hercules)

Technically, Hera is Hercules’ birth mom. It makes sense, considering she’s the goddess of marriage and birth. She’s the queen of the gods, and incredible in her own right. But Hercules’ adopted mother Alcmene doesn’t get nearly enough love.

Most people would be inclined to save a baby they found alone in the middle of nowhere. It’s a natural human instinct. But when two monsters suddenly attack because of him, some might put him back. Alcmene wasn’t deterred for a second.

Seeing the medallion around Hercules’ neck, she was convinced that he was a gift from the gods. Even when Herc started exhibiting signs of his true strength, and everyone called him a freak, Alcmene loved and accepted him.

It was inevitable that Hercules would eventually want to know more about who he was and where he came from. And when that time eventually came, she supported him then too. Alcmene knew he’d find a way to get to his birth parents again, and she accepted it.

She never tried to stop him. Though he ended up staying on Earth primarily to be with Meg, Hercules still went back to his family, and had an incredible mother waiting for him.