10 things we want to see on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s season 4

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Kimmy reunites with her bunker friends for one more adventure

After three seasons, Kimmy has come a long way from being one of the Indiana Mole Women. She lives in New York City, she worked as a nanny for a rich family, she’s friends with a black, gay man, she’s gone on dates — she has basically done it all!

But that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t flashbacks to her dark time in the bunker. While she was held captive by the Reverend, she became close with Cyndee, Donna Maria, and Gretchen. Still, she definitely needed her space. Over the seasons, we see her reunited with Cyndee a few times since the two of them were definitely the closest. Cyndee is a little too comfortable playing up the “Mole Women” title. Plus, she almost marries a gay man, even though Kimmy tries to stop her.

Gretchen was the only member who voluntarily joined the cult and later finds herself in another cult before starting her own. Donna Maria, the eldest member who only spoke Spanish, used the media frenzy around the women to market her own brand of Mexican mole sauce.

Clearly, if Kimmy wants to start her life over again, she can’t have three reminders of the trauma constantly around her. But if this season is going to be the last, we definitely need to see the ladies together again. Maybe the Reverend dies (here’s hoping…too dark?) and they all come together for the funeral, or the Reverend is caught in another legal battle and they have to come together for the trial once again.

Whatever the reason, these three women will always be hilarious when you get them together.