The Reputation Stadium Tour: Santa Clara Night 1

The Reputation Stadium Tour kicked off their second show in Santa Clara, California at Lewis Stadium, where Taylor Swift will be performing again tonight, May 12.

Swifties gathered around with great anticipating waiting for the doors to open. It was the second night of the Reputation Stadium Tour and everyone was anxiously wondering what surprises Swift had in store for the night, and she had many.

The show kicked off with charli XCX, and was followed by an iconic performance by Camila Cabello. But after the two took the stage, everyone was waiting for the star of the show, Miss Taylor Alison Swift. With videos playing, and Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” blaring through the speaks, we all knew the moment was coming soon.

The legendary opening began to play, and Swift came out in her hooded costume, asking the crowd if they were ready for it? And well, let’s just say, we weren’t even close. The show kicked off with its normal setlist filled with mashups of “Bad Blood,” and “Should’ve Said No” and the power anthem “I Did Something Bad”. Swift’s vocals were on point in every song sung, and she, without hesitation, showcased star power.

She took several moments throughout the night to connect with her fans, thanking them for allowing her to take a break and being there for her when she came. The songstress even surprised the crowd with an acoustic rendition of “Wildest Dreams”. With snakes galore, sparkly outfits, and a killer powerhouse performer, we think it’s safe to say that night one in Santa Clara was a success. You can check out photos from the night and the setlist below:



What did you think of night one in Santa Clara? Are you loving the tour so far? Let us know by sounding off in the comment section below.